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'23 nov 11: 1917 (2019)
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'23 dec 9: 1000 gecs and the Tree of Clues – 100 gecs
despite some remixes reaching greater highs than their originals—the first three, dorian electra's remix, the brutal fishcenter closer—its intense disjointedness and (for gecs) enormous length weighs the rest down
bar it's okay to cry & immaterial, the way the tracks are contorted, stretched far enough to backdrop an eternal party, is both easily and uniquely intriguing—despite it not hitting upon the same focus of its origin
'23 dec 6: Atrocity Exhibition – Danny Brown
it's not always perfect, but the overwhelming honesty, truly one-of-a-kind sampling and instrumental work, and danny's incessant, supremely versatile voice all shine in a simultaneously harrowing and beautiful record
'23 dec 6: Old – Danny Brown
despite it faltering slightly twofold—its first half not always consistently revealing, its other half so out-there with its detroit techno thrills—old is another integral work to danny's canon, and its ethos is fascinating
'23 dec 6: Back From the Dead – Chief Keef
an absolutely erratic and raw chicago drill triumph, with two of the greatest songs in its lane, one transcending to one of the best hip-hop tracks ever; the rest of its material is at least good, but its highlights are what sells it
'23 dec 6: Dummy – Portishead
even if it's verging on thirty years since its release, portishead's debut is still effortlessly enthralling through a current lens, a dark melancholy seeping through all of the nearly perfect trip hop instrumentals
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